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Theme of 2019
"A good nation rests on the fact that the people who live in it “love” each other – this idea is an integral part of the history of political ideas. Aristotle, for instance, was of the opinion that a polis in which the citizens are friendly – in other words, loving – to one another is more stable since the citizens (Aristotle had only free men in mind) would then strive harder to achieve justice in their political dealings and not simply rely on the laws.
Eventually, however, the understanding of politics came to entail a strict separation of love and state; love was considered a purely private matter. Love, as many people believe, is only of importance for politics insofar as it safeguards family cohesion, which in turn should serve as the “nucleus” of the state. In keeping with the ideology of “separate spheres,” according to which the rules that apply to the private sphere are different from those that govern the public sphere: selflessness and public spirit are in one sphere, advocacy of interests and competition in the other, feeling in one, rationality in the other, generosity in one, calculated reason in the other, and so on."

Word-Dokument, 254,50 KB Love and Politics